Turbotax: see Capital Loss Carryover

So…If I happened to put in the wrong numbers and hit continue and want to go back and edit it…is there a way to re-trigger the capital loss carryover worksheet manual prompt without starting over from the beginning?

[Solved] yes you can, just go back to Federal -> Wages & Income -> Hit the Edit button next to “Capital Loss Carryover” which will show you info from your 2022 tax return -> Click the edit button on the top right corner and boom you can change the same numbers prompted earlier.

No need to panic or restart the entire process from scratch.

How to Edit Faster with Camtasia

Speedier Editing at Your Fingertips NEW!  Use the J, K & L keys on your keyboard to control playback by going in reverse, pausing, or going forward respectively. Pro film & video editors have been using this trick for years, and the developers behind Camtasia have implemented it for you! Camtasia 2023 offers more great new features and improved functionality, including: Updated Cursor Effects: Make your videos easier to follow by scaling up the cursor or changing color and design. More Background Control: Brand new filters, dynamic backgrounds, motion graphics, plus new Background Removal effect.  Better Integration with Snagit & Audiate: If you have Snagit or Audiate installed, simply click on the launcher to gather your audio and images straight from your favorite TechSmith apps. New Visual Features: Adjustable Lottie animations and Corner-Pinning for 3D perspective.

Microsoft confirms broken Windows 11 update, offers workaround