DIY Remedy for Ants & Roaches

Forget the exterminator…

It’s not a secret in my household, I prefer to have my house clean at all times, however, I also understand there are times when we go to sleep and my child’s toys never got put away. While that’s okay, one thing I will never make an exception with is going to sleep with dirty dishes. The reason for this is not just because I appreciate the look of an empty sink and it usually gives me the energy I need to clean the rest of the kitchen, but mainly because I do not want to have roaches and ants in my house.

Thankfully, @rif_meista understands the annoyance of these unwanted pests and provided a solution so simple that should completely rid your home of roaches and ants!


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This is such a simple solution! And if you live in the southern states, you might want to try this asap given the hot summer months are quickly approaching. The simple ingredients work together to attract the pests and ultimately kill them and apparently the boric acid is the key ingredient that does the job according to the comment section. “All you need is the boric acid,” @harleymom3 wrote. “Just use boric acid and sugar in water. It works,” @birdsarepeople2 commented. “Boric acid and peanut butter is the best bar none!” @magnoliaspx wrote.

There you have it. Be sure to add boric acid to your grocery list and see how works in your home.

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