Here’s How to Magically Clean Stained Plastic Tupperware.

Picture this; you make a big ole batch of your kids favorite food… spaghetti and meatballs! You make tons extra so everyone in the family can bring leftovers for lunch at school and work. After packing up your kids lunch and sending them on their merry way they enjoy their delicious leftovers that day. You pick them up from school and ask for their lunch containers and one of your kids says “oh I forgot it in my cubby, I’ll grab it tomorrow.” No big deal.

Weeks go by and the container is still in the cubby, and all of a sudden it is a big deal because that was packed in your brand new plastic tupperware container that you just bought. The container finally makes it home and to your surprise- not really- it’s stained and no matter how many suds or scrubs the red stain does not go away. Thankfully TikTok has a trick for this stained container cleaning expert @sromacly shows just how easy it is.

Click here to watch the video.

Okay, first off let me just be the one to say ouch, this stings. It really is this simple huh? My poor wrinkled soggy hands would have loved to know this information when I spent about four days straight trying to scrub my new Snapware container of leftover lasagna.

The woman’s trick is so simple, all you do is grab a paper towel, get it wet with warm water, put a few drops of dish soap on it, place it in your container and… SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. That’s all, that’s it. It’s clean. Sorta frustrated by how easy this is, and sorta mesmerized by how easy this is.

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